Attractions in Dover

Attractions in Dover


The city of Dover has a renowned name and there is mention in Literature as well an in song and art. The Shakespere’s King Lear, Act IV, Scene 1 too talks about the edge of a cliff in Dover. The English poet too Matthew Arnold talks about the Dover Beach eptimising the beauty of the Kent Coast. The white cliffs of Dover has always been a landmark for sailors and it is noted in the sea shanty Spanish Ladies. Eric Johnson released an instrumental titled the Cliffs of Dover and the city has received a lot of prominence and significance. Thus, this city is renowned for its beauty and historical importance and is a major ferry port which is found in the south East England. This city is home to the Dover Calais and is covered by the beautiful white Cliffs of Dover.

The Dover Castle is a point of interest for visitors coming into Dover. The Dover Castle is a historical monument which has been built during  the medieval ages and this castle was founded in the 11th century and generally described as the ‘Key to England’. This is considered the largest castle in England.

Apart from the Dover Castle one is also able to see the fortified earthworks which is present since the Iron Age prior to Romans invasion. There is an unusual pattern of the earthworks which is not a perfect fit for the medieval castle. Within the locality of the castle it has shown Iron age occupation and further there are Roman Lighthouses.

The Western Heights of Dover is one of the most impressive fortifications found in Britain. They are comprised of a series of forts, ditches and strong points which is designed to protect the country from invasion. These constructions were done to protect the key port of Dover from seaward and landward attack. The citadel which is found at the western end of the Heights formed the main defensive point. It began as a large bastioned fieldwork, which was constructed in the early 1780s. during the 1860’s the outworks were added and the Citadel contained barracks, magazines and stores arrayed around a large parade ground.

The scenic beauty includes the white cliffs of Dover which are limestone cliffs with fossilised remains of sea creatures. The place is very famous among fossil hunters and the beach below is also a major attraction.