Attractions in Kent

Attractions in Kent


The county of Kent which is found in the South East England is home to make sight seeing attractions making it an area which is very suitable for adventure, fun and holiday. The county shares boarders with Essex and is found along the estuary of the River Thames. The Kent county town is Maidstone. The region has a great religious prominence with the largest cathedrals being found in the region. The Archbishop of Canterbury resides in the Canterbury Cathedral and is the largest cathedral while the Rochester Cathedral is the second largest. Many people flock to the area, to view the architecture of the area and for spiritual purposes. The county of Kent has remained strong for diplomacy and the Leeds Castle peace talks are famous along with the Battle of Britain in World War II.

Maidstone -Kent

The area of Kent has been occupied since the Paleolithic era and the area has witnessed Medway megaliths which have been built during the Neolithic era. The county is enriched by a sequence of Bronze Age, Iron age and the Roman Era. There is evidence of Roman villas of the Darent valley. The modern name for Kent has been derived from the Brythonic word kantos which means boarder.

The main geographical features of the area is a series of ridges and valleys which run east –west across the county. It is the result of erosion of the Wealden dome. This dome has a upper layer of chalk with successive layers of Upper Greensland, Gault Clay and Wealden sandstone.

Some of the areas of historical importance are the Dover Town Hall – the Maison Dieu and the Dover Castle. The Town hall is one of the oldest buildings and it was founded by Hubert de Burgh. It was a place which provided short term accommodation for travelling pilgrims and fulfilled many functions. The Ramsgate Tunnels are famous and is of historic importance. It has been a wartime tunnel. The towns and villages around Margate is home to England’s only Royal Harbour which has a sparkling marina, blue flag sandy beach and a cater for all town centre and clifftops.

Adding to the scenic beauty is the Riverhill Himalayan Gardens with a beautiful hillside harden, which was owned privately by the Roger’s family. This garden gives extensive views across the Weald of Kent. The garden is home to beautiful roses, fine specimen trees, rhododendrons etc and also have a children’s play area.